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With businesses getting more and more reliant on technologies, sound IT services and support at the core has become a pre-requisite for business success.
And while it's not feasible for small and medium sized businesses to employ a fully dedicated IT staff to oversee their IT network; the idea of resorting to managed IT services is gaining momentum and catching a wave.
Whether you are a small business or a medium enterprise, FlagshipIT can manage your computer resources, support your end users, and protect your network and data. And by unloading the burden of you or others in your corporation having to deal with IT and Network issues, you regain lost productivity and can focus better on expanding and growing the business.
Network Management, Monitoring and Maintenance.
Hardware and Software Maintenance and Monitoring.
Firewall Management and Services.
Microsoft Exchange Server Management.
AS/400 Printers and Jobs Operations.
Vendor Management.
Onsite IT Services.
Disaster Recovery Services.
Remote Desktop Management.
Email Filtering and Security.
Web Filtering and Security.
So let FlagshipIT streamline your IT by pro-active management! Please contact FlagshipIT for a free site assessment and consultation. (617)606-4960.

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